Presented at:
CUE Rockstar Teacher Camp Maui - July 12 - 14, 2016
STEMWorks Maui Playground - Oct 1, 2016

Session Description:
Whether you have a Makerspace or not, this fun and engaging activity works for any classroom! “Toy Take Apart” was originally designed by Agency by Design. Taking apart a toy (and hacking it) is a great introduction to tinkering and making. Not only is it fun to explore the inner workings of a toy; it also encourages complex thinking, creativity, and experimentation. But it also gets to the heart of the constructivist’s theory of learning, in which we simply do not teach to transfer knowledge, but rather facilitate and guide the learner to construct their own knowledge. Want to have fun, tinker, get inspired, and take apart some toys? Then join my Toy Take Apart project!

Session Description:
Toy Take Apart is the perfect activity to help develop the Maker Spirit in our students. It was first conceived by The Exploratorium. Through exploration, dissection, inquiry, destruction, and reconstruction, students can discover what makes their favorite toys move, make noise, and light up! This is also a great way to introduce students to basic tools such as screwdrivers, scissors, and saws (yes, saws!) to explore circuitry and mechanisms. I've taken this project a step further with my Make It 101 student by having them "hack" their toy as a final project. Come learn what my students and I have discovered with Toy Take Apart!
Michael Fricano II
Technology Integration Specialist
MakerEd Educator
'Iolani School

Google for Education Certified Trainer
Co-Founder Edcamp Honolulu
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