Test It Out!

Now that everything is set up and ready to go, you should probably test it out to make sure everything works.
Lets see how this Help Desk really works!

    A. You will need to open a few tabs: Google Drive, the Live Form, the Spreadsheet, Gmail, and the Knowledge Base webpage.


    B. First, fill out the live form as if you are one of the faculty/staff at your school. For question 2 use the Google email address that you are currently logged in to. Submit when are you finished.


    C. After about 30 seconds, check your Gmail to see if you received a Help Desk Ticket # email.
    The notification email we set up in Step 5 may take a little longer to arrive.


    This is the email that your users will receive when they fill out the form. The code you customized earlier in Step 3 will determine what the email will look like to your users.
    The code will automatically calculate what ticket number they are and what place they are in the queue line.


    D. Now let's go back to the spreadsheet. You'll notice the form response has been added (You may need to refresh the spreadsheet first). Once you receive a request, you can add information to the Notes column and change the Status column to In Progress.


    After you add information to the Notes or Resolution column, you'll want to send the user a Status Update
    In the menu bar, choose Help Desk Menu > Send Status Email. For this to work, you will need to select the entire row first, then Send Status Email.

    Go back to your Gmail and check if you received the Status Update email. It will look like this.


    This is the email that your users will receive when you send them a Status Update EmailThe code you customized earlier in Step 3 will determine what the email will look like to your users. This email will include information from the Status, Notes, and Resolution columns.


    E. The last thing you should test is the Knowledge Base. After you have resolved a request, you should add information to the Resolution column and change the Status column to Resolved.


    To send requests to the Knowledge base you need to go the menu bar and choose Help Desk Menu > Push to KB. For this to work, you need to select one of the cells in the row (it doesn't matter which one).


    F. Go to your Knowledge Base webpage and refresh it. You should see a new item in the list!


    The Knowledge Base should be accessed by all of the faculty and staff. They can search it by Requests and attempt to troubleshoot certain problems themselves.

That's it! If everything tested out correctly then you now have a working Automated Online Help Desk!