Step 2: Setup the Script

Step 2 will teach you how to setup the script for your spreadsheet.
For this workshop, the script has already been created for you. You will be able to customize the script in step 3.
The code that is used for this script can be found here.

    A. The entire script is already attached to your copy of the spreadsheet. To access it go to Tools > Script Editor...


    B. To make this script work for you, you will need to create a Project Trigger. Click on the Trigger button.


    C. Here you will set up the trigger in 5 steps. This trigger will automatically activate the script when someone submits a form response. If the script fails, then it will send a "failure notification" to your email address.
  1. Change the third box to On form submit.
  2. Click on the notifications link.
  3. Change the box to immediately.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Save


    D. You will need to authorize the script. Click Continue then Accept.


Now the script is ready! Proceed to step 3.