Step 1: Setup the Form & Spreadsheet

Step 1 involves creating and setting up the Google Form and Spreadsheet. 

The form will be used by your faculty 
and staff to submit technical (or other)

The spreadsheet will be used by 
you to respond to and organize the 

For this workshop, a spreadsheet and form has already been created for you.

    A. Visit this Google spreadsheet, MAKE A COPY - Help Desk Form Sample (responses) and Make a copy.


    B. Inside your copy of the Spreadsheet, go to Form > Edit Form. This will open your copy of the pre-made Google Form. Do not change the cells A through J in row 1.

    C. For this workshop, please DO NOT change anything on the form and the spreadsheet, or the script will not work properly. After the workshop, you are more than welcome to explore the form, spreadsheet, and script and change things to serve your own purpose.

Please proceed to step 2.